Who Makes the Best Logger Boots?

If you find yourself working outside in harsh terrain and other conditions, you probably already know that you need logger boots.

These are work boots that are highly efficient in protecting your feet, toes, and ankles. It’s vital to protect your feet when working under straining conditions; otherwise, you risk doing long-term damage to your entire body. This would be painful, and it could put you out of work.

Several important features to look for when picking out a pair of logging boots include:

  • •  Toe protection
  • •  Sturdy support
  • •  Waterproofing
  • •  Soles that provide good traction
  • •  Good quality

So, what specific brands provide the necessary features that will keep you comfortable and safe? With so many fantastic logging boots on the market, here are just a few of our top pick brands that tend to make the best logger boots.


Who Makes The Best Logger Boots?

1. Georgia

These logger boots from Georgia Boot are constructed from full-grain leather and are completely waterproof. Customers love these boots because they provide outstanding traction. It makes sense since their outsoles are built using Goodyear welt construction. Yes, Goodyear. As in the tire.

Georgia Boot Company has been around since 1937 and is highly regarded for its use of quality leather. They specialize in many varieties of work boots but also include some casual boots, as well. Their selection of logging boots is tremendous; you’ll find everything to fit your needs. Their best logging boots are the Men’s G7313 Work Boots and the Men’s G9382 Logger Work Shoe.

2. Chippewa

Chippewa is an incredibly reliable brand specializing in all types of work boots. They cater to every type of rugged outdoor work, offering many boots of every kind of job. Chippewa has been in business for 120 years and considers reliability and quality their heritage.

Chippewa logger boots are designed with safety but don’t skimp on comfort. The Men’s Waterproof Logger Work Boot Steel Toe has a  rounded steel toe to prevent cramped toes, and the full-grain leather is supple enough to move with your foot while providing a snug shell. If you prefer a composite toe, check out their Sador Logger Waterproof Work Boot.

3. Justin

Justin Boots has been around since the late 1800s, meaning you know they must be of excellent quality. Justin Boots don’t specialize in logger boots; they have a fine selection of work boots, but their style is primarily cowboy and casual boots as a Texas company.

The Justin Original Jmax Logger Work Boot is one of the best boots because it is incredibly comfortable. The lining is constructed from a material known as Dri-Lex, which acts as a cooling system by absorbing moisture away from your foot. In addition, the gel pads found in the bed along the toe and heel areas are a gift when you are working hard on your feet all day.

4. Danner

Danner Boots was founded with the purpose of manufacturing logger boots. Their product has expanded in the past century since their founding (amazing hiking boots!), but Danner still is an expert at logger boots. One of Danner’s qualities apart from other boot manufacturers is its insane durability. They continuously exceed safety standards, meaning you can rest assured that your feet will be well protected.

The Danner Men’s 400G Work Boot is a high ankle boot that will keep your ankle stable while working on uneven terrain. Another waterproof Danner option is their Logger Gore-Tex Lifestyle Boot. The Gore-Tex ensures that your foot can breathe and get air, and the footbed is cushioned.

5. Thorogood

Thorogood is a company whose sole focus is making work boots. They know what workers need and how to take care of their feet. They have been in business for over 100 years, so you know they are a trusted brand, inspiring loyalty and repeat business.

Thorogood logger boots come with a single-density polyurethane footbed. This means that your boot will cradle your foot and not become warped or damaged over time. In addition, you can choose this popular Thorogood Men’s Logger Series Waterproof Safety Toe Boot with a steel toe cap for an extra layer of safety; customers raved over their waterproof abilities. For a lighter, composite safety toe option, the company offers these Men’s Logger Series Waterproof Composite Toe Boot.


Next up, we take a look at why loggers wear high heel boots and all the major benefits that this particular feature brings. When you think about the working conditions a logger works in every day, you’ll see why the amount of structure and support adds tremendous value and peace of mind.

Written by Chris

I'm one of the founders of this site and having worked in environments were I'm on my feet most of the day, I took a side interest around the different work boot products and what they are best used for. I now write part-time, adding more content as my knowledge expands.

February 13, 2022

Logger Boots

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