How Can I Stop My Feet From Hurting At Work?

If you spend an entire work shift on your feet every day, you probably suffer from foot pain. Our feet aren’t designed to take our full weight for eight hours at a time. Fortunately, some measures can bring your relief.

The proper footwear can go a long way in battling foot pain. However, if your shoes aren’t right for you, they may compound your minor foot injuries into more severe issues and lead to backaches. For example, if you wear work boots for your job, make sure they are the right kind of work boots. There are different kinds for specific types of jobs. The proper work boot should cradle your foot.

What to Look For in A Work Boot

The main feature you need to look for when it comes to the best work boots for sore feet is arch support. Because most work boots don’t have any support, investing in a reliable pair of arch inserts would be wise. These can provide the needed support and also some cushioning.

Make sure that your work shoe has a little extra room. Your foot swells as the day goes on, so if you have the space to accommodate your foot, that can prevent much unnecessary pain. Work boots with laces that you can adjust as your foot swells are ideal.

A very slight heel is also a good idea. It is usually a good idea to elevate your heel a bit rather than keeping your foot flat. It helps to distribute your weight more evenly.

Make Sure Your Work Boots Fit

It sounds like this is an obvious bit of advice, but it’s surprising how many people walk around in ill-fitting shoes all day. If your shoes are too small, you’ll end up with blisters and bruised toes. Tight shoes are also a cause of improper blood circulation.

On the other hand, it’s also harmful to have your foot sliding around in your work boot. That is also a sure way to cause blisters and uncomfortable rubbing.

When buying a new pair of work boots, do your shopping late in the day. That way, your feet have had a chance to swell from all your walking around. Try the shoes on, too. Don’t just assume you know your correct shoe size; your feet change, and the manufacturers are different. Remember to leave a little room for your arch support insoles; if you can, bring them with you to use while trying on your new shoes.

Stretch Your Feet

Your feet ultimately become stiff from standing on them all day, especially in very inflexible work boots. You can help work out some of your foot cramps to release some of your muscle tightness.

If you have a couple of breaks during your day, that’s an excellent time to take a moment or two to stretch out your feet and calf muscles, which have a direct effect on your feet. This is because the balls of your feet end up taking on more pressure as your movements try to compensate for your tight calf muscles.

Stretching your muscles will help boost your blood flow. It’s great to enhance your circulation whenever you can, so aim for once each break and after your shift. It can bring you almost immediate relief.

Simple Foot Exercises

There are a couple of straightforward foot stretches you can do to alleviate your foot pain. Some of them you can even leave your work boots on!

  1. Calf Stretch – Stand facing a wall, with both hands resting flat on the wall. Step as far back with one foot as you can while still placing that heel on the ground; your front knee will bend. Switch feet.
  2. Calf Raise – Stand on a step, with only your toes on the edge. Your heels need to hang off the edge. Rise up and down a few times.
  3. Plantar Fascia Stretch – Place one ankle on top of the opposite knee while you’re sitting. Then, grab your big toe and gently pull it up toward you. Hold, then switch.

See a Doctor if Your Pain Doesn’t Stop

If your foot pain persists for a long time and nothing seems to relieve it, it may be time to visit a foot doctor. A doctor will diagnose if you have a chronic foot problem that needs more help than you can give it on your own. He can also help eliminate your foot pain with custom-made arch support and cushioning insoles.

Written by Chris

I'm one of the founders of this site and having worked in environments were I'm on my feet most of the day, I took a side interest around the different work boot products and what they are best used for. I now write part-time, adding more content as my knowledge expands.

December 4, 2021

Sore Feet

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