Best Logger Boots for Men & Women

Logging can turn out to be quite dangerous if you are not equipped with the right footwear and equipment. This is so because, during logging, you will be exposed to various environmental elements, like water, and will be highly susceptible to slips and falls as well.

If you are wearing the best logger boots, however, you will be able to reduce the chances of such accidents greatly. For instance, through proper traction, you will be able to avoid slips while waterproofing and durability will help protect you from the environmental elements.

To help you properly with this, I have shortlisted what I believe to be the five best logger boots that feature amazing comfort, support, and protection; three for men and two for women.

I have also shared the criteria I used to find these and my insights on some of the most significant questions.

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The Best Logger Boots

In this section, I’ll introduce the boots that I consider to be the best and explain why. I divided it into two parts, with the first containing the best boots for men while the second is made up of women’s boots.

The price ranges from around £76 ($106 approx.) to £252 ($357 approx.) and the boots have been shortlisted using the criteria above. For all of them, I also made sure that a myriad of features was available, including a Bi-Fit board, 90º heel, recrafting services, waterproofing, spikes, and Goodyear welt construction.


Danner Men’s Logger 8″ Brown Work Boot

Being one of the best logger boots, these are 100% water, and, therefore, keep your feet dry and comfortable throughout the day. The boots are also made up of non-conductive, electrical shock-resistant soles and heels, and, therefore, provide electrical hazard protection.

The velvet-like nubuck oiled leather upper improves the water resistance further while also improving durability. The break-in period for this pair is also short and comfortable, and the Bi-Fit Board, with the shank, board, and midsole unified into a single piece, significantly reduces the weight and enhances the support, something loggers cherish.


best logger boots - Danner Men's Logger 8 Brown Work Boot

Moreover, the 90º heel improves the safety on steep terrain and the Vibrant 360 logger provides substantial edging and also superior traction. The handcrafted boots also offer increased stability and can also be recrafted in various ways. They, additionally, are designed to fit a logger and, with an industry-standard of 607, are known to be true to size. Also, the broad and relatively deep toe box adds volume to the forefoot as well as the toe.

Even appreciable is the recrafting service that provides boot stretch, basic, and resole packages, among others. However, the liner cannot be replaced because of the technical construction of the Bi-Fit board. The shoes, lastly, come with a 365-day warranty.


  • ✅  Bi-Fit board is lightweight yet supportive
  • ✅  90º heel improves the safety considerably
  • ✅  The boots are waterproof and electrical shock-resistant
  • ✅  Broad and deep toe box adds volume
  • ✅  Recrafting service provides boots stretching and sole replacement, among others



  • X    The liner cannot be replaced

Danner Men’s Logger 8″ Brown Work Boot

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AdTec Men’s Super Logger Insulated Waterproof 9″ Boot

Made up of crazy horse leather, this pair is well-suited for wide-footed people and cold climatic conditions. For one, the membrane is 100% waterproof and the shoes are surprisingly well-insulated, keeping the feet dry and warm. The heel also helps add to the stability and balance while the lace-up closure improves the personalization.

In addition to that, these boots are designed to be very comfortable, with well-cushioned and padded insoles. Similarly, the waterproof membrane and the flexible upper allow easier movement while the variety of sizes makes it easy to find boots that fit you perfectly.


Best logging boots - AdTec Men’s Super Logger Insulated Waterproof 9 Inch Boot

Other than that, the 200G Thinsulate upper makes the boots windproof and the broad steel toe, as well as the electrical hazard lug outsole, protects the feet from electrical accidents, making the shoes great for industrial work. Also, the Goodyear Welt Construction and the rubber sole increase the pair’s durability while also improving the traction and grip.

Moreover, they have been ASTM F-2413 certified for heavy-duty industrial work. The one-piece lumberjack outsole is also quite impressive build-wise and looks great as well. Lastly, the shoes have been well-balanced and support the arch and the ankle notably well.


  • ✅  Protective with 200G Thinsulate, waterproof membrane, and electrical hazard lug outsole
  • ✅  One-piece lumberjack outsole is durable with amazing traction
  • ✅  Available in a range of sizes, including wide sizes
  • ✅  ASTM F-2413 certified for heavy-duty industrial work


  • X    The stitching loosened up for some users after just a few months
  • X    The toe front cracked over relatively light accidents for some buyers

AdTec Men’s Super Logger 9″ Boot

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Viking Men’s Spiked Forester Caulked Boot

In case you are looking for spiked boots, I would highly suggest this pair. For one, the SBR blended NR rubber boots are extremely flexible with over a 305,000 flex rating, helping add to the comfort. In addition to that, they are available in a range of sizes while the lace-up closure provides amazing ankle support with a tighter fit, hence reducing foot fatigue as well.

The polyester lining also helps protect the feet better and the highly chemical-resistant upper protects from hazardous chemical and slight electrical accidents too. Additionally, the calked boots feature considerable traction and stability while the rubber material of the outsole improves the pair’s durability.


Best logger boots. -Viking Men's Spiked Forester Caulked Boot logger

The reinforced heel and instep also protect your feet from external elements better and so does the polyester flap behind the laces. Also, the cushioning in the insole of the boots has been appreciated often and the shoes have been considered ideal for loggers, timber crafters, harvesters, seeders, and arborists.

In addition to all that, the soft toe helps balance the shoes well while also keeping them relatively lightweight. This also ensures some protection from objects that may fall but is not adequate for workers with high chances of major accidents.


  • ✅  The flex rating of 305,000 makes them one of the most comfortable shoes
  • ✅  Spikes add to the traction
  • ✅  Available in a range of sizes
  • ✅  Amazing stability, balance, and comfort
  • ✅  Rubber upper protects from external elements



  • X    The soft toe doesn’t appear to be good enough for major falls

Viking Men’s Spiked Forester Caulked Boot

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Harley Davidson Women’s BALSA

Moving on to women’s boots, this first one boasts a full-grain leather upper that is not only very comfortable, with great flexibility, but also quite durable. The classic lace-up silhouette is also very personalizable and the YKK locking inside zipper makes the fitting even better.

Other than that, these boots have a lightweight insole and heel that help reduce the tension when working and the mesh lining also improves the breathability, something needed greatly when logging. The Goodyear welt construction also makes the pair even durable while the heel adds to the traction and stability.


best logger boots - Harley Davidson Women’s BALSA

Similarly, the synthetic outsole makes them very long-lasting and the full-length cushioned sock lining increases the comfort and support throughout the feet. Additionally, the lightweight cement construction is often complimented and they are also oil and slip-resistant.

The boots have a round toe and the decorative buckles on the shaft enhance the style. The metal HD bar shield and the metal face fob also increase the protection while the soft textile footbed improves underfoot comfort and support for the arch. Lastly, the sturdy metal eyelets provide even better protection and support and the boots should only be wiped clean.


  • ✅  YKK locking inside zipper and classic lace-up improve the fitting
  • ✅  The full-grain leather upper is comfortable, flexible, and durable
  • ✅  The Goodyear welt construction and rubber outsole enhance the grip and durability
  • ✅  Cushioning and padding add to the comfort
  • ✅  The sturdy metal eyelets improve protection and support



  • X    The boots might not be as comfortable

Harley Davidson Women’s BALSA

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AdTec Women’s 9″ Logger Black Work Boot

AdTec manufactures one of the most technologically advanced footwear and this pair shows. They are made up of full-grain oiled leather that makes them stylish and durable but their price is also surprisingly low.

The Goodyear welt construction also adds to the durability while the oil-resistant lug soles keep the feet stable and improve the protection. The boots measure nine-inch tall and have a very clean look as well. In addition to that, the plain soft toe makes the shoes very comfortable as well as lightweight while also adding to the protection, particularly from falling objects.


Best logger boots - AdTec Women's 9 Logger Black Work Boot

Furthermore, the rubber sole, with the wide pattern, features amazing traction and grip and the lace-up closure improves the personalization. The vibrant colors add to the desire while the waterproofing enhances the protection considerably as well. It should also be noted that the boots don’t require a lot of breaking-in and have a rugged look.

Also, the pair is well-suited for wide-footed people and the padded tongue has particularly been complemented. The cushioned insole and midsole also increase the comfort and the overall build supports the arch, the toe, and the ankle well.


  • ✅  The Goodyear welt construction and well-built upper improve the durability immensely
  • ✅  Fitting is well-suited for wide-footed people
  • ✅  The rubber sole features amazing traction and grip
  • ✅  Padded tongue and well-cushioned midsoles and insoles greatly improve the comfort
  • ✅  They provide amazing support for the arch, the toe, and the ankle



  • X    The lacing may become difficult to work and keep tight

AdTec Women’s 9″ Logger Black Work Boot

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How to Decide on the Best Logger Boots

Buying Guide & Key Features

I think it will be beneficial for you to know the features I considered when shortlisting the best logger boots. By keeping these in mind, you will be able to find boots that not only protect your feet from external elements like water but also add to the traction and properly support the feet, which are quite important features in logging boots.

1. Outsole

The outsole matters the most when finding the best logger boots. For one, the boots need to feature amazing traction and grip because you will be moving through rugged terrain and pairs with low traction will make you extremely susceptible to falls and slips. You might also need to climb trees, needing a grip to hook on and move up safely.

Moreover, the outsole needs to be durable because you will be working in extreme conditions and low quality will mean that the outsole will crack up soon. However, it will not only need to be made of sturdy materials but the stitching matters a lot too.

It should also include additional features like waterproofing to better protect your feet. And, deep lugs will ease up your work while shock resistance can greatly improve the comfort and support, hence allowing you to work for longer time periods.

2. Toe Type

There are three main types of safety toes; steel, composite, and soft toes. Steel toes, firstly, are made up of protective reinforcement of steel and are the best safety-wise but aren’t as comfortable and their prices are relatively high as well.

Composite toes, on the other hand, are also called alloy toes and are made up of two elements chemically combined together. These provide a fair amount of protection and are extremely comfortable but do increase the prices of the boots considerably.

Soft toes, lastly, are made up of materials like fabric and rubber, and, therefore, aren’t solid, hence being the least protective too. However, these are relatively comfortable and rather cheap.

Out of the three, I would recommend steel toes because these are relatively comfortable and provide a great amount of protection but are cheaper than composite toes as well.

Soft toes can also work well in smooth and safe environments, and, if you don’t mind the prices, you can also go for composite toes. But, weighing it out, I don’t believe the prices to be worth the added comfort.

3. Protection

Various factors add to the protection of logger boots. For one, as mentioned above, you need to find the safety toe that best protects you. In addition to that, you will need boots that feature complete waterproofing so that your feet aren’t hurt by the wet environment. However, along with waterproofing, remember to ensure moisture expulsion or it will cause major foot problems.

Furthermore, a deep and durable outsole with adequate traction and grip will protect you from any slips. Similarly, a durable upper can greatly safeguard the feet from chemicals and other hazardous elements in the air while a tall height of the boots will ensure that the boots protect the ankle and leg.

Other than that, you will need to make sure that there are additional technologies within that help with safety. For instance, there can be some kind of lining or other features like Goodyear welt construction. They might also include heel-cup technology or simply be more stretchable so that there is ample room for movement, hence preventing injuries.

4. Comfort & Support

Comfort and support can directly affect your efficiency and, the better the comfort, the longer you will be able to work, hence increasing productivity. This, however, is affected by various factors too. For instance, the better the cushioning and padding in the midsole, the better will it support your feet and provide comfort.

A proper outsole with great traction will also help reduce the tension within the foot muscles, hence preventing various health conditions. It should, additionally, be shock-resistant and soft, again reducing the stressing up of the underfoot. The weight of the shoes can also directly affect the comfort, with lighter boots boasting better comfort.

In addition to that, you will need to make sure that the upper is flexible and soft. Similarly, great breathability will help ensure proper air and temperature regulation, enhancing comfort. Lastly, you should make sure that the boots’ structure is sturdy and stiff enough to adequately support the various muscles and tissues of the feet.

5. Fitting & Weight

In case you want to actually enjoy logging, you will need to consider the fitting and weight of your boots. The fitting should be wide enough in width and height to allow ease of movement by your feet but tight enough to prevent slips and loss of comfort. They should, additionally, have enough room for even thick socks during winters and the toes should especially fit comfortably.

Other than that, make sure that the pair isn’t too tight on the ankle and that the upper is quite flexible as well. Also, the lacing of the shoes should be well-built to allow you to fit the pair onto the feet tightly.

The weight, as suggested before, affects the tension exerted onto the feet. Normally, the lighter the boots, the more comfortable and less stressed up the feet will be. This will also reduce fatigue, thus allowing you to work longer. This is especially important if you will be walking a lot and the upper, outsole, and midsoles add to this.

Frequently Asked Questions

I also came across the following important questions and wanted to present my insights regarding them.

1. Are Logger Boots Good For Everyday Use?

Suppose you are doing work or other activities requiring climbing or navigating hazardous environmental conditions. In that case, there is no problem wearing logger boots every day. You’ll be doing your feet and back a favor by wearing this type of work boot that uniquely cares for the movements of your foot under these circumstances. Landscapers, farmers, hunters, hikers, and even motorcyclists frequently wear logger boots to prevent muscle damage to their feet.

However, if you aren’t doing rigorous outdoor activities, you may want to leave your logger boots behind. Because of the high heel and the way your foot sits in the boot, you may find that your foot muscles become cramped, and your joints are pressured. Logger boots hold your foot in a position that keeps it primed for walking on an incline; the flat ground isn’t a surface that will accommodate that foot position.

2. Why Do People Wear Logger Boots?

Logger boots are most popularly thought of as the boots that loggers wear when they head off to work. And yes, that is true, but logging isn’t the only reason people wear this style of boot. Any job that requires working outside in inhospitable environments needs a boot to protect your feet from the dangers of harsh terrain.

Logger boots make many outdoor activities more manageable. Hiking through bramble, scrabbling along rocky hillsides, and walking through marshland are all actions you would never consider in a standard work boot; however, a logger boot can withstand those environments and help prevent you from slipping. In addition, their excellent traction helps your foot grab hold of the ground.

Many professions outside of the logging industry rely on logger boots. For example, landscapers, farmers, ranchers, and linemen find their days are a bit easier with these durable work boots.

3. Who Makes The Best Logger Boots?

There are many options for logger boots, but some brands stand above the rest for quality, durability, and safety. These brands are Georgia, Chippewa, Justin, and Danner. These boots all feature steel toes and side shanks for ankle support to protect from external conditions and internal twists. Other features include arch support, toe support, and moisture-wicking fabric for breathability. These features help keep the worker comfortable and safe from overuse injury.

Georgia Boots Men’s Loggers are one excellent place to start for logging boots. They are crazy durable and offer unbelievable traction. Another great choice would be Chippewa Men’s Super Logger Boots. Not only are they super reliable, but they’re also rather cozy.

Or, you could check out Justin Original Logger Work Boots. They help wick away sweat from your feet and provide gel cushioning within the boot’s footbed. Danner Logger Boots are another excellent choice; Danner was founded explicitly to manufacture logger boots, so they know their business.

And finally, Thorogood Logger Series Work Boots offer waterproof boots with either steel or composite toe options.

4. Are High Heels Better For Logger Boots?

While some people prefer low heels, logger boots usually have higher ones, and rightfully so. These boots are mostly worn by loggers who have to often walk through rugged lands with rocks, logs, and debris. During all this, the elevated heel helps them stay above the marshy, wet conditions while the deep lug also helps improve the traction, hence preventing falls.

Loggers also have to climb trees often for better tree removal and the heels play a vital role here. Normally, the higher the heel, the better traction, and grip it’ll have, helping reduce the chances of slips greatly. Similarly, the high heels help enable timely breaks when climbing by allowing the logger to wrap the feet around the tree easily, hence quickening and easing up the otherwise difficult task.

Other than that, the heel helps better support the ankle as well as the arch, something particularly important when moving through uneven terrain. Lastly, such boots are known to look more stylish than ones with low heels, hence making them more desirable.

5. Is Wearing Logger Boots Compulsory?

While loggers don’t necessarily need to wear logger boots, they do have particularly significant benefits. For one, unlike most others, these feature amazing waterproofing and electrical hazard protection, both quite important for such risky work.

In addition to that, these usually have higher heels that help better support the feet and ease up the logging process through better traction and grip. Such boots are also mostly more durable as they are made to withstand extreme pressures and, therefore, last longer than others.

Moreover, these have a rugged design and include essential cushioning as well as padding. Logger boots also normally include oil resistance and steel or soft safety toes for protection while the deep patterns help ease the logging further as well.

It should also be noted that these are almost always waterproof and their comfort is better than most as well. And, even though these don’t usually look as good, they do fulfill all the needs that they are meant to, hence making these boots a popular choice among loggers.

6. How Do I Clean Logger Boots?

Cleaning logger boots can seem rather horrifying but, without this, they will soon lose their features and will need replacement soon. Therefore, I would recommend that you clean them once every week, following the method below.

Start by wiping away the dirt from the upper and the outsole with a clean wet cloth. Now, apply a plant-oil-based leather cleaner and brush away the remaining dirt and grime in a circular motion. For caked-on gunk, you will need to soak them for a couple of minutes. After this, wipe away the lather with a wet cloth and air-dry them.

Once the outside has been cleaned, take out the insoles and wash them in a washing machine with a mild shampoo. After this, put them out to air-dry and wash the footbed with a damp cloth and shampoo till the smell is gone. Next, blot up the residue with a cloth dampened with water and follow by removing the moisture with a dry cloth. Air-dry this as well and place it inside the boots.

You will also want to wash the laces and condition the leather as this will prevent drying and cracking. For the conditioning, once the boots have dried, simply wipe them down with a natural leather conditioner using a clean cloth and clean away the excess.

7. Are Logger Boots Good For Construction Work?

While I wouldn’t recommend it, logger boots can be used for construction work. It is so because while these do feature the best overall protection with safety toes and waterproofing, they are mostly too bulky. And, moving around a lot, you will not be comfortable in them for longer periods.

Other than that, unless you require a lot of climbing or move on uneven terrain, you will not need the traction and the elevated heel of logger boots. Similarly, the aggressive lug patterns can seem a bit too much and other boot types can offer better support as well. Lastly, logger boots are usually more costly and don’t protect from chemicals particularly well, something considered quite important for construction works.

Best Logger Boots


I tried to include everything that you will need when searching for the best logger boots, and I hope it’ll all help.

I would recommend the Danner Men’s Logger 8″ Brown Work Boot for men. These boots are not only lightweight but feature extreme protection and a broad toe box. The brand also provides recrafting services for them and the only negative is how the lining cannot be replaced.

For women, the AdTec Women’s 9″ Logger Black Work Boot seems a fitting choice. This features the Goodyear welt construction, a durable upper, amazing traction, an array of sizing options, and adequately padded, as well as well-cushioned, midsoles. Also, the boots provide amazing support and the only con is their extensive lacing.

However, whatever logger boots you buy, remember to use the right tools to reduce the risk of accidents immensely, especially when climbing. You should also remember that the best boots should not only focus on comfort, but also protect you well and include a range of distinct features.